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Thread: Roseanne come back

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    I had forgotten that their Dad used to beat the both of them, so, that's further food for thought for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthtownKid View Post
    Goodman CHARACTER. The character Goodman played, Dan Conner, was dead at the end of the original series.
    In any form of media, whether it's theater, a novel, a comic book, a film, or a TV show, there are always ways to bring dead characters back.

    Roseanne was interesting in that it was the only sitcom I've seen where the family members actually shouted at each other when they were mad, almost loud enough to annoy the TV audience. I guess that was because it was supposed to be a realistic, working-class sitcom.
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    There is a really fantastic speech by Tom Arnold given at Roseanne's roast that got really heavy, really quick talking about their young years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M View Post
    I had forgotten that their Dad used to beat the both of them, so, that's further food for thought for sure.
    I was unaware of that detail as well, so the diversity of the topic gets more complicated within the plot. Your views on her character make much more sense now
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