Hi guys,

after reading some posts here on the forum in the last few weeks I finally joined here.

I'm a long time gamer on PC and Consoles, in December i finally built a little Bartop. I quickly realized that a Pandora's Box is nice to see if you like a certain game, but quite often the emulation is a bit crappy (Strikers 1945 plus for example is very very slow).

So i pretty fast bought a MV1-FZ with SS2 and a Toki PCB

Since then i installed the Unibios (thanks to Raz, it is really an amazing piece of Code) and already have a nice little collection coming along.

My next plans are doing the Stereo Mod for the MV1-FZ and Modding a 138 in 1 with a Sound Fix and a Dip Switch.

Gamewise i really dig Shmups and Jump n' Shoot games. At the Moment i try to get into SS2, FF3 and RBFF, but i pretty much suck at fighting games in general

Well, thats about it,
See You