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    1/29/18 Coup d'état | Russian sanctions not needed, Nunez memo to be released, McCabe Out

    This is it. We're in the middle of a slow motion coup. Today may become historical.

    1. WH says that Russian sanctions are not needed by the pure threat of them is doing the job of the sanctions themselves. "The Trump administration informed lawmakers Monday that new Russia sanctions called for in a bipartisan bill passed last year are not necessary yet because the measure is already 'serving as a deterrent.' The announcement came as lawmakers in both parties nudged the administration to implement a sanctions legislation that passed overwhelmingly in July."
    Full article.

    2. GOP voted to release Nunez non-fact-checked memo alleging FBI abuse of FISA warrant process, giving Trump the final say in whether or not it is seen by the public. The GOP has disallowed the Justice Department from viewing any part of the memo ahead of its presupposed release.
    Full article.

    3. GOP continues its war with law enforcement, outing Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, after five tweets from Trump slandering him, and just days after reports that Trump asked if McCabe voted from him.
    Full article.

    I literally feel sick. Maybe that makes me a "snowflake," but to me, today's events summed are all an explicit affront to the country in the name of unwarranted power for very few. It's the guilty covering for the guilty and taking out upstanding people to do so. It's selling out millions of people for the disgustingly greedy actions of the few.

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    I don't how any of these things tie together to the defense of Trump again st the Russia investigation.
    I asked a co-worker who I know is a ardent talk radio listener to tell me what the spin was today. I sincerely wanted to know but he just started talking in sound notes. I asked him to elaborate further but he just broke out in a Heil Trump, Heil Trump.

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