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Thread: Can Anyone repair a Voodoo3 2000 Graphics Card? Cap pulled from PCB, Maybe broken traces

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    Can Anyone repair a Voodoo3 2000 Graphics Card? Cap pulled from PCB, Maybe broken traces

    Title says it all. See pics in my eBay auction.

    I would like it completely recapped, and if possible fix broken traces if there are any.

    I really don't want to sell this, if it can be saved, I would love to use it in my Win 98SE Rig.

    I talked to a guy online, but he was asking $40.00. That doesn't sound right, but I don't know really.

    USA based would be preferred.
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    Cap replacement is usually not done as just one, you replace them all. These are surface mounted parts, if that makes a difference in prices. There may be different tools for this type of job, or perhaps different replacement components.
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    Not like it mattress, but it probably is not a good idea to lay the board on those metallic bags. They are conductive on the outside, anti-static on the inside. Essentially a faraday cage for any component inside of it.

    And yeah what Trip said if you are replacing one you might as well replace them all.
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    I doubt it's the caps tbh. Voodoos get incredibly hot and IMO they should have had a fan on them.

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