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Thread: Southeast PA Round 10 - November 3 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neodogg View Post
    Looks like a good time.
    You need to turn up next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gusmoney View Post
    You need to turn up next year.
    You too
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    Speaking of that, the most bizzare thing that happened at that TMG ( was Ed Flemming getting his truck front bumper stuck to a pole and ripping it clean off!! Goes to show, you shouldn't drink and drive.
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    Yeah, but how do I get to the SNES games?
    Get the all the accessories!

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    Hats off to WC for coordinating and hosting yet another terrific Autumn gathering. Special thanks to Matt for providing neat STG fare like Gunbird 2, S. Korean Batrider, etc. Apologies to Jeff about not getting around to set up either Asura Buster or Martial Masters, which in retrospect was a mild bummer for me.

    If anyone cares to watch the miscellaneous multiplayer footage I shot between 9pm-12am, it's being temporarily hosted on Twitch through Nov. 17th.

    How many times did the lights cut out? Three total instances?

    Insofar as the turnout was concerned- Anyone figure out the final tally? It seemed like we had at least 25 people throughout the evening.
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