Going for a full set? If not, what games make the cut? What have you been been itching to play that's new to you? Old favorites? Looking for recommendations?


Trying to keep my initial list small. I have a tendancy to not spend too much time on any one game when presented with a large list.

Biggest thing I'm looking forward to is Dracula X, but there's a whole new world of PCE, and even some Turbo games, that I've never played before. Would welcome recommendations on the PCE front.

Trying out the Ys series, since I've never really played any. I had Wanderers on the SNES but never gave it more than a few minutes of play.

Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
The Bonks
Final Lap Twin - I enjoy this game more than I should. I beat it bitd and wouldn't mind seeing if it has held up at all.
A few of the shooters Raiden (favorite), Dragon Spirit (close second), Blazing Lasers. Wouldn't mind a few recommendations in this catagory aswell.

That's going to be it, largely, for the beginnig at least. I'll get some Bomberman and Dungeon Explorer games for game night, too.

* thread is for discussing favorites, not for asking for teh ROMs.