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Thread: NG Game of the Month Jan 2018- Last Resort

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    Quote Originally Posted by egg_sanwich View Post
    Nice 2-all Panda. How does the second loop compare to the first? I've only seen it a couple times myself and tend to get blindsided by the small differences (e.g., number of blasts from a boss or something dumb like that)

    Edit: RSG are you tapping out this month already?
    Yep, gonna focus on Gunlock.
    Quote Originally Posted by kernow View Post
    Serious, serious problems man, you have them.

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    Finally cleared the first loop and made it to just around the mini boss on stage 3 of the second loop. Iíll probably try for the 2 All but Iím gonna take a week away from it first.

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    Just heard about this contest today. Here's my feeble attempt. Classy game.

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