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Thread: Issue with Puzzle De Pon conversion.

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    Issue with Puzzle De Pon conversion.

    Well guys, I have an issue. I was making a conversion of Puzzle De Pon using a copy of Samurai Spirits I was going off a guide on When I booted up the game the graphics were messed up. The sound and text are fine. I changed no jumpers, as the guide said so.I went over the pins again and they are fine, and I know that there are nocold connections. I don't know if I should change some jumpers or use some wires, but help would be great.
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    Did you ave the opportunity to play this as an MVS cartridge?
    Just going by what I'm seeing I'd state one of the C chips is faulty.
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    Ya it's hard to say. You need to make sure both games work perfect before attempting conversions. If they both worked perfectly and the jumpers are correct, then like mentioned above, could be a bad C rom and maybe even a bad NEO-273.

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