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Thread: easy wireless Neo Geo controller setup

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    easy wireless Neo Geo controller setup

    Things you need:

    - Neo Geo to SNES controller adapter by Arcadeforge
    - 8bit Retro Reciever for SNES with the latest firmware
    - a Wireless 8bitdo controller like the N30 Arcade stick.

    Works fine with other 8bitdo controllers too. I rewired the buttons of the N30 arcade stick cause the button mapping was a bit odd when playing Neo Geo. No complaints so far. Buttons and stick aren't perfect, but get the job done. They are also interchangeable.

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    I've done this with the pads since I already had a SNES to neo converter I built for my cps2 setup. I hadn't even considered ordering one of their sticks for Neo use.

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    Thanks for sharing this! What an awesome idea... got me thinking of how to make this work on the dreamcast now

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