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Thread: I moved my cabs

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    I moved my cabs

    So i moved my arcade cabs from my other house...

    Egret 2 - When i powered it on, its started making a crackling sound like it maybe frying something. I turned it off right away. I tried it again the next day same results.

    Atomiswave - It powered on last night & when i went to power on today no picture just marquee light.

    Any idea what could have happen? What should i look for? I've moved my cabs before & never had any issues.

    I still need to try out my other cabs...

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    Check to make sure all the plugs on the chassis on the E2 are snugly in place. If it's really old and the chassis hasn't been recapped, that's another thing. The AWSD? COuld be anything, the PSU is those things are mega finicky.

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    Check your psu in the E2 and the wires around it. If something came loose it’s gonna cause some problems. Also, KP is right about the chassis, I had all sorts of problems in my cab ranging from sync to power options and the chassis was on its way out. Awsd... if you have a wei ya power supply in there... god have mercy.

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    Also had problems like that wheb moving an Astro. The cables to the remote board became loose. Hopefully that's all it is. Also check the power outlets on that circuit. Cabs pull 5 amps which your circuit should handle, but if you have too much other stuff on that circuit that could cause you issues

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    The Atomiswave SD has a piece of shit chassis that is the Wei-Ya, as well as a piece of shit power supply from Wei-Ya. Did I mentioned that they are pieces of shit?
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    This is hella obvious but is all the grounding good and tested on the outlet(s) you're using?

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    It's best to not move your cabs.
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    The Egret probably developed some cold solder joints. You try smacking it while its on to see if it'll fire up temporarily?

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