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    Metal Slug 4 (JP) AES

    I know most of you think I'm a faggit, or whatever, but this is still the top place to go for Neo Geo knowledge. With that said, I have an option to buy Metal Slug 4 (JP) on the AES from a guy in Ontario.

    He told me he bought a collection from a local guy that included this game (and a few others, like KOF '03 (JP) and some commons), and that this guy bought games in the early 90s and didn't buy online (but this game was released much later, so who knows).

    So anyway, i'm going to post some pictures he took today. There are no board pics. He said he'd take them, but has never opened an AES game before. I told him to wait because I didn't want the label to get fucked up.

    If anyone has insight for me, I'd appreciate it. if you want to tell me to fuck off, that is fine too.

    Thanks in advance.

    Link to pics:
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