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Thread: PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

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    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    08-12-2017 - 00:20 IMPORTANT - PAYMENT SYSTEM ISSUE

    Hi guys, it seems we passed the per daily sales limit our payment system allows.
    We see every incoming transaction blocked now, its 00:20 here today and tomorrow is National party in Spain, i will call some friends that work at our bank tomorrow to try to get the limited removed so if you canīt purchase, just try in some hours please.

    Sorry about the inconvenience

    Hello Everyone

    So after NEOSD (AES and MVS), we came here today with our new product. Its called Super SD System 3

    Super SD System 3 is a 3 in one device for Pcengine.

    Its and ODE and a flashcart plus a AV Booster with RGB output using Mega Drive 2 video cables (both RGB and composite video cables are supported)

    So where is the magic on this new device ?

    It dosenīt requires ANY system card to play cdrom games and every game works.
    It dosent matters if this a cdrom2 game a super cdrom2 game or an arcade cdrom2 game.

    You just need the basic pcengine to play the entire pcengine catallog, and if you have a supergrafx you will be able to play the 6 released Super Grafx Games.

    Turgbografx 16 NTSC is also working but as today we are not totally sure if the shell fit there, thats why we are not directly anouncing it. We will know it next week or in 2 weeks, as soon as the final shells arrive.

    Here are the details about the device :

    Super SD system 3 will be shipped with a nice factory made cardbox

    This time shells will be made of black smoke transparent ABS plastic, at a different factory that did NEOSD shells.

    Purachse/production/shipping status :

    We launched the production of the pcbs in the first week of november, we expect those next week and the SMT soldering process should be done on the last 2 weeks of the year.

    Mould has been sent to polishment process last monday and we expect to have final pieces by 12th december of this year.

    We finished cardbox design yesterday and we will submit the design to printing by monday.

    Every pixel art there is done by AlienPDX (great guy !!)

    So we expect to have the final product ready to ship by the last week of december or the first week of january.

    We have opened sales and as before we will respect purchase order while shipping

    We are going to show the different bits while those arrive, so you guys get acurate shipping status.

    We did our best with this new product, our goal has been to build the definitive device for the pcengine to play any game faster and in a better confortable way the original hardware does.

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    In the meanwhile here are some videos :

    The lst one done by Yodd, the review done by gadgetuk and the other one done by ourselves back in October.

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    Will i get 0 secconds loading times if i make a cluster of the entire size of the microsd ?

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