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Thread: Looks like I found a fix for neo cd pads with bad switches

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    Are you going to share the secret cdamm?
    Quote Originally Posted by gusmoney View Post
    "[M]ost agggressive gaming sites" has to be one of the strangest statements I have ever heard.

    A bunch of forty-something video-gaming nerds that are only keyboard commandos and mostly sedate pussies any other hour of the day cannot really be all that aggressive, can they? (My self included.)

    I love the lads here, this forum in general, and the mentality but lets not kid ourselves about this being some sort of dark web tough corner of the world.

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    I've been on this site for over 10 years.
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    I just repaired mine with but sadly its just not the same feel and no click.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Montatez View Post
    Are you going to share the secret cdamm?
    cdamm is too busy ordering buttons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Benjamin
    As for the collector, his collection is never complete; even if he is missing but a single object, all that he has collected nevertheless remains fragmentary...

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    Quote Originally Posted by neo_ezekiel View Post
    I just repaired mine with but sadly its just not the same feel and no click.
    Bummer, they look really close. Has anyone ever found a place to order the TSE 8S replacement switches?

    I found the following link but it looks like its just for a quote.

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