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Thread: NEO GEO AES 3-5 board RGB Checkerboard fix without mod

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    Thumbs up NEO GEO AES 3-5 board RGB Checkerboard fix without mod

    I brought a SCART cable that said to eliminate checkerboard pattern, well it actually works!!

    It turned out that its just 2x 130ohm 1/4 resistor in the scart connector wired between pin 7-11 and 15 (The Red, blue and green signal) to the sync (pin20).

    The yellow wires...

    I cutted them just to check (just basically just making it like any other scart cable) and now I have a slight checkerboard effect....

    Now I guess I am just gonna solder them back together.....

    Just curious as how just putting 260ohm resistance per color signal to the sync fixes it?

    Anybody can explain that as I would like to know more about this....


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    Interesting info. Where did you buy the cable from?

    I guess if you ask the seller he can also tell you the philosophy behind this implementation.

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