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Thread: Neo Geo and force feedback?

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    Lightbulb Neo Geo and force feedback?

    It occured to me today that most, if not all, of the Neo's library would benefit from force feedback.

    Is there any way to achieve this on original hardware (or in emulation)?

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    Force feedback sucks.

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    The only Neo game that could possibly benefit from some sort of force feedback would be Irritating Maze, in lieu of a full air compressor system. Other than that it's a terrible idea...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoGeo64 View Post
    It occured to me today that most, if not all, of the Neo's library would benefit from force feedback.
    Great idea. Force feedback so strong, it would snap your wrist. I'm sure someone can 3D print some hydraulics, while Raz adds support in most, if not all games, via UniBIOS. You'll be the the first one to test this, and if the snapped wrist will prevent you from posting for a while ... well ... that's a price we're willing to pay!

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    Easiest way would be to use the analog channel which is usually just used for sound effects, you can use a small circuit to intensify the triggers to power a motor for vibration. You'd have to tweak it though so it only goes off on the louder heavier hits or whatever.

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