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Thread: Turning a bad game to a good one

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    Turning a bad game to a good one

    Hi there,

    I noticed that people usually complaints about a game. And...stop.

    Maybe it's a matter of opinion sometimes, but very rarely I saw posts that bring an example or an idea that would change theyre mind on that game.

    I've opened this thread since I'm really interested in that opinion or idea.

    I'll start with an example: World Heroes series.
    When I was a kid I couldn't afford a Neo as many as u guys I suppose.
    Now that I've plenty of carts an consoles, I put my hands here an there played with most titles, fulfilling the crying kid inside me...
    ...and honestly World Heroes disappointed me.
    Looking at those special attacks like energy sharks and galleons on the magazines shocked me so much that I was really expecting a masterpiece the first time I've tried that on my Neo.

    Well...I found it really lacky on animations, controls are not very responsive, and yes...some char has cool moves, but maybe the rest of the animation asset isn't at the same level.
    So improving that points maybe could perfectize not only the look and feel, but the playability too.
    Summing up all that thing: I strongly suspect that even the "strategy" of the duels would benefit in some way.

    What do u think?

    Thanks for reading!
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