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Thread: G-Net Modbios + CF game issues?

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    G-Net Modbios + CF game issues?

    I've been having some seemingly minor issues with my G-Net on a modbios 2011 + CF setup. I'd appreciate it if anyone with this kind of configuration could check if these things happen on their board as well.

    RC de GO! - Runs a reset loop and won't boot at all. I get a flash of the color bars, then black, then reset, and so on.

    Chaos Heat - I've experienced a reset on the character selection screen. Some foreground layer elements didn't seem to load, either. I couldn't reproduce this, but one thing I can reproduce is the scoreboard glitch. Last five or so hi-score entries are corrupted, with some garbage instead of initials, and some crazy score to go along with it.

    Raycrisis - This is a weird one. During the attract mode, there are two or three instances when the player uses the bomb attack. The flash of white seems to destabilize the picture for a moment, but it looks like the foreground layer isn't affected.

    This doesn't happen in-game when I use the special attack, so it's really bizarre. I tried looking for a recording of an attract mode, but I can't even find a MAME one. I guess I should just boot it in MAME myself.

    Joerg's CHD to CF flashing software doesn't work on Win 10 x64, so I just use MAME's chdman tool, and extract hd images, which I then flash with USB Image Tool v1.7.4.0.

    The files I've experienced these issues with are:

    gobyrc.chd - CRC32 4FE54183
    chaoshej.chd - CRC32 A9131A68
    raycris.chd - CRC32 7FCAC4F9

    I've also had some glitching with Fighters' Impact [Not FI:A, though], but it's a conversion that doesn't run on G-Net natively, so I guess some issues are to be expected.

    Update - Tested Raycrisis in MAME. The same thing happens there, so it's not an issue, just something weird.
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