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Thread: Interest check: Live Stream today(cabs, etc) from the annual Philly Autumn Neo Gathering?

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    icon28.gif Interest check: Live Stream today(cabs, etc) from the annual Philly Autumn Neo Gathering?

    Our usual streaming MVP who typically and generously handles just about everything setup-wise won't be joining us today.

    I may have to improvise tonight, but the contingency plan and gear required is fairly simple.

    Question is, are any of you folks keen on spectating video feeds from the cabinets, superguns, & consoles this time around? I'd rather not go through with configuring stuff and adjusting camera angles every so often if the audience tally from this forum is something paltry like two people total from 8pm to 1am.

    We'll probably have quite a few seasoned OG players this evening such as Gusmoney, VanillaThunder, Phoenix Down, White Castle, Jon, Ralfakick, Jeffkun34, Daskrabs, and myself.

    Tonight we are going to frequently rotate through an eclectic mix of fighters, puzzlers, sports titles, shooters, & beat 'em ups.

    Best case scenario, we get the live feeds up and running sometime tonight around 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

    Please chime in if you're genuinely interested in viewing our potential antics- That way I can gauge whether the response here merits a proper stream tonight. Thanks!
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    Stefan is streaming now at:

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