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Thread: How To: Adding a stereo amp to your Egret II

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    How To: Adding a stereo amp to your Egret II

    Ok guys, I once bought a Taito Stereo Amp and was highly disappointed in the quality of it, so I decided to figure out a quick and easy way that wasn't intrusive on the harness to add a stereo amp. Here was my journey.

    First things first, you'll need one of these.
    They are mega cheap, around 5-6 bucks shipped most of the time. Make sure to get one of the 12v types as that's what we will be tapping into.

    Next, we need to figure out where to draw power from. on the psu Taito uses the Molex KK 396 Series pin headers so you'll need to get the pins for that series connector.

    We're going to add a 12v pin and a GND pin, luckily or not, there are two available spaces for what we need.

    Now you can run your power and ground with the rest of the harness to keep it neat.

    Now, you can really mount it anywhere, I also use double sided tape because the bottom of the PCB is exposed and if it touches metal then you will have a short. I installed it behind where the mounting board usually is, you can still have access to it but will be mostly hidden from view.

    On a normal Egret II this would be the P connector which was hacked off of mine so I just put RCA plugs on it. So you would have to make an adapter of sorts to fit the JST plug that is normally there. Other than that, you just plug it up and crank the knob. You won't be able to use the main volume knob so keep that in mind with mounting. Fire up some CPS2 and enjoy!

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    I bought a Taito amp similar to the one in the link and basically followed the instructions. The note at the bottom about blanking off the JAMMA speaker lines for CPS2 was critical to it working correctly. Did you run into that as well? I had to basically split the line into 2 harnesses kind of like the Blast City 001 loom works. Also, I think the Taito amp sounds pretty good with the stock speakers.
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    I had zero issues with the sound. I'm also using the P connector instead of the F connector, maybe that makes a difference? I only use the F connector of boards that are amped already like the F3 motherboard.

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    I wonder if i could incorporate this audio amp with a stereo mod on my NAC

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    Thanks for posting this KP!
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    Thanks a lot.

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