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Thread: Art of Fighting 3 is horrible, right?

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    Art of Fighting 3 is horrible, right?

    Yeah, maybe you already talked about this, but for me it was something new. Let me tell you a story and we can discuss later xD

    AoF 1 and 2 were two amazing fighting games, by that time. I remember it was not difficult to find both arcades, maybe the gameplay is wasnt polished enough comparing to Street Fighter II, but the graphics were ohhhhhhh yeah! And you have a lot of fun, every punch hurting the character,the zoom, the special moves and the satisfaction finishing the trickster IA...

    When AoF 3 was released, I was busy playing other SNK and Capcom games so I did not pay attention to the game...until now.

    I recently purchased the Art of Fighting Anthology for Ps4 and it was my first time with the 3rd installment. But...for god sake...its horrible! Even when it was released, this game was bullshit probably.


    Charism -5 for every character. Except for Ryo and Robert, the rest are mostly poor designed and nobody remember anyone now. Backgrounds are good, thats a point, but its impossible not to forget characters "random" like Karman Cole.

    Maybe they tried the "New generation" style but, oh my god, I hate these characters.


    The movements are like, super weird, gameplay is even worse than the "simple" AoF as every move is taking toooooo much to be done and you dont feel the game is polished. Okey, I can buy that most of animation looks excellent, but the "collision detection" is kinda strange and dissapointing.

    The combo system is a meh and the satisfaction is theorical, as for me this game is not funny at all (and Im not talking about difficulty). Im really enjoying playing AoF 1 and 2 (even with the "IA cheater" stuff) but this game was garbage now and then.

    I could not resist this infamous game so I needed to create something to talk about it. Now I understand why the franchise is dead and forgotten....

    What do you think about this game?
    Was this game the reason SNK basically killed the franchise forever? It was a flop in Arcades?

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    I think you should probably PM Rot for his opinion.


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    Oh go home, poopy-pants!

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    Good game but i still prefer the first,best in the series!!!

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    Horrible is a Strong word. The game is far from Horrible. I'm a big fan of the first one as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAZ_HOE! View Post
    Horrible is a Strong word. The game is far from Horrible.

    art of fighting 3 is the most approachable out of the three games and stands unique in the neo library.

    i agree that aof 3 had some generic and bland looking characters, but most of them play well. the controls are great and i love the fact that robert is the main character this time around.

    art of fighting 2 is one of my fave neo games ever, but the third game, although very different, is more balanced.

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