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I personally loved seeing characters drawn with fresh new sprites, like Hanzo, Lee and Asura, and the backgrounds were good in the first one (excluding the 3D BGs in the XBLA version). But having it based on the KOF engine ruined it for me. It was like having SvC with higher production value.

If we are seeing a sequel, I would like them to distance it as far as possible from KOF (graphics, gameplay and roster wise) and focus on fighting series' that have 0 chance for sequels (AoF, World Heroes, Ninja Masters, Kizuna ... etc).
Personally I liked that it was based on the KOF engine, and had and SvC feel to it. It basically feels like how SvC should have felt. Still very SNK, but more fluid, fast, and...for lack of a better term..."thumpy".

That said, I would like them to get creative with it by having different play styles (a la CvS2) that can either be selected for all characters, or specific to the gameplay the characters originate from. Also, with KOF 14's huge roster, there needs to be one of the same size (if not larger) with fan service character selections galore.

Fuck, bring back Michael Max and blow some heads.