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Thread: Neo Geo CMVS video noise & brightness issues on RGB SCART via Framemeister.

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    Neo Geo CMVS video noise & brightness issues on RGB SCART via Framemeister.

    Okay, I am now completely stumped. I have been trying to figure out how to fix the various issues with my Consolized MVS via RGB SCART on my XRGB Mini Framemeister. Without tinkering any of the settings and using profiles from the pixel purest, the video comes out extremely bright and I can see a ton of video noise in Dark Shades of color. Reducing the brightness to 7 does take care of the brightness issue, however I can still see a ton of video noise and no matter how low I set the brightness I can still see it without much effort. The power supply I am using was recommended to me by the amazing Xian Xi, who also revised my CMVS. At first I was thinking it was my power strip, but playing any other console with RGB scart cables on the framemeister yields no video noise. So I am completely at a loss here, just what exactly is causing all of these issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I should also note, I have talked to Xian Xi about the brightness issue before, and he reccomended I put 75-100ohm resistors in the RGB lines. It didn't work, hence why I found turning brightness to 7 worked best.
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