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Thread: 3D Plastic Model for Power Button Sony PVM 2950QM

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    3D Plastic Model for Power Button Sony PVM 2950QM


    I have a PVM 2950QM in very good working condition but it miss the plastic of the power button.
    For the moment it's not a problem because i can push the white little switch in the hole to power the TV.
    But it can be broken like that.
    It will be good to replace the button with a new one printed by a 3D printer.

    But i don't have any knowledge of 3D software and don't have any tools for precises measurement.
    If someone is able to help me to build a 3D Model it will be great for me and also for others who had the same problem.

    When it will be done and printed, i just need to place it in the hole and voilą .

    I hope someone can help me.
    Thanks by the way.
    Best Regards.
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    3D printing is a little more work I think than most people (including me) realize. The results are also nothing close to actual injection molding.
    However, a friend of mine who has parts made for 3D models recommended this site to me:

    Worth a shot I think. The hard part is making your mock-up of the part in 3D cadsoft. I may be able to help with this, if you can take measurements. There's also no better time to start learning than right now - there's lots of tutorials online for how to do this


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