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Thread: MV1FS Video Ram error.

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    MV1FS Video Ram error.

    Hello so Im finally going back to another busted board i have on my bench here and im getting a video ram error. Using a UniBios I get no sounds and missing video/sprites. Traces from the 4 rams around the LSPC2 look and test ok with continuity to the LSPC2

    Ill deal with the sound issues later.

    I was really just trying to remember which chips on these boards are the video rams. As you can see I have a photo of the rams around the LSPC2

    The Video Ram Error does not change its read or writes across power cycles and the address changed once on the last bit from 0 to a 3, but its not reproducible

    The astute among you may have noticed the two SMD rams on the left side were replaced with samsung rams of equivalency. Im just worried that i goofed and those are actually color rams and not video ram LOL

    Thanks Guys
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    That error is associated with the two 24 pin dips (8914) in front of the sound amp. remove both and replace with sockets. I thought is 8000... check the traces around the dips.
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    With the error right at the 0000 boundry and an output of FFFF it could be a missing enable signal.
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