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Thread: LS-30 joystick WICO or SNK?

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    LS-30 joystick WICO or SNK?

    Hey guys, wanting to build me a rotary joystick for my Sigma very soon. Wondering if there is a better one to get the Wico or SNK variant? Just by looking at them the SNK looks to be built a bit better. Just wanted to get some opinions before I dropped the cash on one of these. They are pricey.

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    The difference is pretty much the same as on regular sticks, JP sticks= shorter trow, smaller, made for metal CP's, Wico= larger throw distance, bigger, designed to be mounted mainly on wooden CP's, but its also possible to install them on some metal panels provided you have the right mounting holes, in any case you'll need to modify your supergun in order to mount any of these, you'll have to widen the joystick hole, otherwise the shaft will rub against the edge.
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