I often hear people talk about the super high quality of animations that 3rd strike has and in general about the level of quality the Capcom in general has.

People talk about how much more powerful the cps2/3 are than the neogeo. I question though is there any merit to that. Yes I get that the cps3 surely is more powerful and has better colors but I don't feel like Capcom ever proved anything with the better hardware.

The biggest area I'd like to point this out is in animations. Not character animations though. Background. All SNK later neogeo games seem to have so much movement and animation in the backgrounds. Crowds moving, flowing water, wild wife etc. Everything that Capcom has are static pictures. 3rd strike is super boring when say compared to Garou, Last Blades and hell even SVC:C.

Am I the only one who thinks SNK was vastly superior at animations?