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Thread: WTB Neo Geo CD Top Loader Bios Masta

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    WTB Neo Geo CD Top Loader Bios Masta

    I am looking to purchase one for the cd top loader.
    I have seen the info on the github web page , but the Bios Masta install only relates to MVS hardware.
    Anyone able to help? NeoturfMasta website does not show them anymore.(for sale)


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    Posted in another thread, but I’m interested as well. I may want two - one for a top loader and one for a CDZ if I can get it working.

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    You can't use a Biosmasta in a cdz, there isn't enough room. Gotta do that install the hard way, there are install pics if you search. I've only known of a couple of people who have tackled that one.

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