I just picked up a game for my Neo Geo MVS 4 slot. I put the game in on its on and it worked perfectly fine, it coined up and everything no problem. However when I sloted the other 3 games I wanted in my line up I found that whenever I would use game select to move through the games when I stopped at the new game it would reset my system.

When the MVS is coined up the system will green screen reset then allow you to coin up and move through the games fine with no resets. I also removed the new game and added a different game and everything was fine. No resets on game select and coin up went fine.
I also pulled another 4 slot board out and tried the games in that and had the same issue.

So I was wondering if anyone has had this issue as well?

I'm running basic Bios
Dedicated 4 slot Neo Geo Cabinet
tried 2 different Boards
Tried a different game rotation and that worked fine.
Tried the game in all for slot and still had the same resets.
Cleaned the slots and the carts