Hello all,

I got hold of a Maximum Tune 3DX cab, comes with a Toshiba PF (supposed to be the best), but of course it has an issue of some sort.

Every once in a while, while playing a game, the screen will suddenly go black, the game will continue to play without image, you can hear it and the game does not stop or pause. When the image comes back it does not appear like it paused.

So far I have already done the following:
-Changed to a different board (same type) and problem persists
-boards are both confirmed working on different cab
-Hooked up another monitor to the board, and screen does not go black (not the board)
-Tried different vga cable (same issue)

So basically, it does not appear that the board is the issue. Therefore it's the monitor?

I did output an Initial D3 image to the MT3 cab. I could not replicate the image going black for some reason. I might try running the game longer.

Usually the toshiba monitor will say on screen "no signal" if there isn't one, so there does not appear to be a signal loss. The screen just outputs an all black image.

This is running on 31khz boards.

Any ideas?