So this is my first post. Looking for some thoughts, suggestions on a work around for a disc spinning issue I am having with my CD Front Loader. About a week ago, I installed a new lens and everything was well. I played for a few hours and shut it down. The next day, the Neo CD kept crashing. The reason is that the disc would stop spinning randomly. At time I would turn it on and it would load the game with no problem. Other times it would not load the game at all as the disc would not spin. I ordered up another lens, swapt out the other thinking it may have been DOA but the same thing is happening. I opened it up, tweeked the pots a little but no go. I noticed that it would try to spin but something was keeping it from doing so. I took apart the drive and put it back together about 5 times. No go. When it tries to spin, if I give it some help, it runs and reads smooth, no problem. I have cleaned the spindle and all but it continues to do the same thing. I just onstalled the bios 3.3 on this thing and this machine looks clean with no scratches. I would hate to let it go for parts. Any help would truly be appreciate it.