I'm a tinkerer who generally prefers to buy broken and repair myself rather than pay full price for stuff.

I just picked up my first AES from Japan and was about to tear into it when I realized that the original rubber feet had never been touched and the rest looks immaculate. The feet are kinda spongy and I know I would damage them if I removed them unnecessarily. I figure I'd better hold off on that until at least getting a Japanese AES game to test in it, especially after the "junk" white Sega Saturn and black Sega Virtua Gun I recently bought for 780 and 50 Yen both ended up working perfectly.

It seems to be a newer model that takes the 5W 9v POW3 power supply. I think that's about 2A and I definitely have a few 9v PSUs around that can handle it. Unfortunately the wiki does not tell me the polarity. I know that most Japanese consoles of the era were center-negative. Is that the case here as well?

Being "junk" it didn't come with AV cables or a joystick either but I have created functional joysticks using the Neo-Geo X Gold replicas and an extension cable. For the AV, can I get by with a Genesis model 1 AV cable? If so, I still won't have a game to test. I seem to recall hearing that I should get a blue screen if I boot without a game cartridge and any other color indicates a fault. Is this correct?

I can tell by peeking in the cartridge slot that the original Japanese BIOS hasn't been touched and the cart connector looks like new except for the Japanese pubic hair I found inside. Wish I were joking! If what I can't see inside looks as good as what I can see everywhere else then I expect it to look like new everywhere else inside.

The listing described that it doesn't power on but I've heard of several people buying junk/defective/not-working AES consoles and finding that it's not true for them... they boot up with some other problem. Can't test this until I get those adapter specs and but I'm curious to see if history repeats itself.