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Thread: madman's ultra humble collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by madman View Post
    The jokes on you, junkie. My parents don't have a basement.
    They must be poor.

    Quote Originally Posted by VanillaThunder View Post
    I was referring to HIS throat, not my own.

    I'd fuck Neo Ash's throat... lovingly.

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    We have purposely
    trained him wrong a joke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madman View Post
    Crystal of Kings came with a mobo that had the case, but the sticker on the side prevents the cart from inserting/removing easily so I use it without the case. Not that I really have a need to insert or remove the cart.
    Wouldn't want to get some insertion marks now would we?

    he spends hundreds on scarves, of course he's a fag and then ChuChu Flamingo preserved the aftermath in a plastic case making sure it wasn't exposed to unstable air
    You're just upset that you're too goddam stupid to understand the games and whiff infinites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChuChu Flamingo View Post
    Wouldn't want to get some insertion marks now would we?
    I don't think he inserts much into anything.

    Qui Qui Baguette?

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