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Thread: famicommander's completely amazing yet totally humble collection

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    famicommander's completely amazing yet totally humble collection

    some real hidden gems in here folks

    top row:

    -Watara Supervision with TV Link, because these games are so awesome you'll want to see them on the big screen

    -The best game ever, Straight Outta Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia

    -The only VR device anyone will ever need, Virtual Boy

    Second row:

    -The world's best Flight Simulator for the Atari XE Computer. Beats the shit out of FS X.

    -A reproduction box for a game. Now I can throw away the legit cart, manual, and map. All I care about is how it looks on the shelf

    -The world's best Mario game

    Third row:

    -PS3 online only game where the servers are down

    -A SEGA Mark III game. I don't have a Mark III and I have no idea what game it is, but hey, it has boobs on the art!

    -The best King of Fighters game for the system most well suited for fighting games, the legendary N-Gage

    -A game for everyone's favorite home system of the 2000s, the Mattel Hyperscan! I even got the think to actually scan a card one time, I swear

    Bottom row:

    -Everybody's favorite mascot on everybody's favorite system. Bubsy the Bobcat. On Jaguar. Aww yeah.

    -The world's greatest movie format, UMD! For people who love low resolutions, loud optical drives, weak sound, and cropped aspect ratios AKA big tymers

    -A Japanese anime mash up fighter on PS2. My PS2 isn't import capable, but that's okay. The game is used but was re-sealed to protect from unstable air.
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