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Thread: Neo 29 4 Slot (MV4FT3) Speaker Buzz/White Noise

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    I guess Ill try to pick one up and try it. Im stuck with this 4 slot I think though, and even if that proves it is the root of the issue (Which I'm pretty damn sure it is at this point) it still doesn't fix it

    So after testing the headphone jack and it working well it got me wondering: What if I hook up a 4pin JST to RCA adapter I made then run that to a 12v amp like the Lepai, then to the speakers from there. Has anyone had any experience trying something like this?

    EDIT: I used an old amp inside of a Cambridge sound works speaker and it works great! No noise whatsoever. Anyone know if there is any damage that could be caused by running the cabinet or PCB like this long term (or until I find another solution)?
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