Hi guys i finally got my sd2vita yesterday but i haven't been able to make it work. I have followed a couple of tutorials but nothing is working. Im using henkaku enso and i tried to difrent sd cards 1 an 32gb sandisk and the other a 128gb samsung. Does anybody has the sd2vita pinout to see if i can fix it? I know they are dirt cheap but im moving to another country in a week and i wanted to take my vita.

Sorry for the long post. Here is the steps i uave done

Delete urx:tai/config.txt
Edit ur0:tai/config.txt
Install gamesd.skprx in ur0:tai
Download windisk 32
Install zzimg to corupt the sd card
Format the sd card to exfat default allocation size.
Put electrical tape to the back of the sd2vita

But when i insrt the card nothing happens.

Thanks for your time.