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Thread: Any known tutorials for translation

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    Any known tutorials for translation

    I was thinking I would like to see if I could dust some rust off my Japanese and try and translate a game for the NGPC, maybe Rockman as there's not much there.

    I know there are some tools around, but not really familiar with the how to on that stuff anymore to where I can extract the Japanese script from the game so I can get started on it.

    20 years back I used to do this using an old DOS hex editing tool on Windows emulators from Japan for the NES among a few things and did pretty well tweaking menus but this is a bit more complicated.

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    There is an unfinished translation posted on romhacking, but I doubt the author is going to take it any further. Would be great to get the storyline translated:

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    I have rockman fully translated, i just need to redo the graphics to make them "pretty".

    I provided you tool names in your last PM, those should help you along. I can run you through the basics over skype or something if you want.
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