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Thread: New classic Neo Geo project to be revealed at EVO...

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    Quote Originally Posted by k'_127 View Post
    Yeah that tweet led me to believe there is something going on between the two companies.

    Fuck crossovers and guest characters. All I want is for Arc to teach SNK how to produce these beautiful graphics in GG Xrd / DB Fighterz.
    KOF doesn't need to look generically "anime" like so many other things.

    I'd much rather they get their graphics up to Tekken level, while applying their own SNK style to it.

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    What I had in mind was KOF12/ KOF13 graphics. If they can replicate its graphics in 3D, it would be a perfect fit imo and suits the character designs far better than the photo realistic approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fygee View Post
    At least its a port of a game that's really tough to play without having an actual Neo (and a fuckton of money) or an emulator.
    Word. Still, I doubt anyone will really care. In fact, I'm surprised they bother at all. I know porting isn't as expensive as development but the porting squad at Code Mystics still wants to get paid. Will this title generate enough revenue to cover even that? After all, pretty much anyone can just download the ROM for free.

    As for future SNK projects, I'd love to see another Ganbare Neo Poke-Kun for mobile phones or any handheld, but at the same time I know it's never going to happen. As for Metal Slug, each time I see a game like the latest Rayman or the recent Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, I wish someone got on that and made Metal Slug 8. I'd still prefer pixel art to be honest, but Rayman and Wonder Boy are good examples of modern graphics done right, while still being 2D.

    I really wish SNK was capable of making a sequel to one of their fighters that would match the style and graphical fidelity of Street Fighter IV / V or Guilty Gear Xrd. If we're talking 3D. While I was disappointed with KoF XII for being so bare-bones, XIII stepped it up, and I thought SNK would evolve it from there. Nope! But, they did put in the time and effort to make new sprites, and back then I even thought they might do a new Last Blade or Samurai Shodown. Wrong again. All of that was after Samurai Shodown Sen, too. Oh well.

    For some reason, SNK never could succeed outside of Neo Geo. Commercially, at least. Personally, I liked Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage on PlayStation. It had its own charm and I enjoyed both the music and the ambiance of some of the stages.

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