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  • Labor of love; 10-20 hours

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  • Serious shit; 30-50 hours

    2 9.09%
  • Don't make any other plans; 50 hours plus

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  • Life's work; ongoing games that never end

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  • Games are nothing but a waste of time, jackass!

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Thread: What do you think is the optimum length for a game?

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    Yeah, I like when RPGs do that "new game+" thing where you get to keep most, or all, of your hard work from the previous play-through. It's cathartic, if a bit juvenile, to steamroll through monsters and bosses, that previously gave you trouble, with your maxed-out characters.

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    For me, depends on the type of system.

    For handheld, I can do with long RPGs that span 20-30 hours. I find it easier to get through them if they're on a portable system. For home systems, I find my time to be able to sit and play is limited, so I prefer arcade games or adventures that span 8-12 hours. I like games that have engaging side quests that expand on the gameplay for hours, but I also like getting the main experience out of the way within 10 hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MattBlah View Post
    This is a good point. A great game that takes 30+ hours is a one time thing, yet a great game that takes less than 10 hours you'll play again and again. I've lost count of how many times I have played through Resident Evil 2, and I am about to start my third play through of 4, yet I am in no rush to play through Windwaker again.
    how long's it take to beat RE2 AND 4?

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    all summer or like up to a year and a half or two is good too.

    now that I have the 'new' Zelda I thik I could explore that long if I would stop cheating

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karou View Post
    all summer or like up to a year and a half or two is good too.
    I prefer games that take 3-5 years to complete.
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    I play maybe 1-2 games a year that stretch into that 10-20 hours range, I can't do anything that takes longer than that. It would have to be an insanely good game for me to spend that much time with it and not bail half way. It takes me more than a month to finish these long winded games...


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    @LoneSage: I haven't played either in a while, but I remember RE4 being substantially longer and larger in scope than RE2. Of course, to "properly" beat RE2 and see everything, you have to play it twice, once as Claire, and then as Leon, or vice versa, so that doubles the play time of that one.

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