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    Last Resort - pure charm

    I think this game is singular with respect to the neo library - it does what it does to a very high standard, and plus the look of it is after all these years still absolutely breathtaking. the whole of the first level, culminating in the fight with the first boss - the background transitions - everything - I'm still blown away by it. I remember when it had just come out, I thought it looked amazing, that hasn't changed much.
    An R-Type-type game excellently well executed. Graphically it appears to take after Irem, it's one of the most well crafted arcade experiences for the system together with the likes of Metal Slug in my opinion.
    am I overstating things? yes probably.
    I just wish the AES wasn't so damn expensive these days. even though I sold my neo years ago, I would own this game for the item itself.
    I had it some 10 years ago, never thought the price would creep up so much.
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