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Thread: Freeplay Zero / Freeplay CM3

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    Freeplay Zero / Freeplay CM3

    Check out what Flavor and his friends have been up to.

    Under the codename "Game Pie Advance" they have, for some time, been working on putting a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a GBA shell to create a portable emulation beast. Custom PCB design, two added buttons (and much more) already make this a very intriguing project - that has come to fruition and can already be purchased (preassembled even). It has been renamed "Freeplay Zero".

    Now they're on Kickstarter to outsource the production of the "Freeplay Zero" and to fund a more powerful version built around the Raspberry Pi 3 - the "Freeplay CM3".

    Check out the Kickstarter campaing (or for more info.

    Let's discuss and help the funding (live till June 22)!

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    I really appreciate you posting this, xsq! If you guys have any questions, let them fly.

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