Hello everyone. I am obviously very new around here. I am fairly new to the Neo Geo scene as well. I was a young pup when the system came out and only vaguely remember the home console. I just knew that it was at the local electronics stores and was far more than my family could afford.

My real love of Neo Geo was for the arcade systems. I remembered seeing them in a few arcades and stores in my area and was always disappointed when I couldn't find one. (They were pretty sparse overall.)

I sadly do not yet own a Neo Geo of any sort, but looking to slowly get started. I admit that I am leaning towards trying to track down a AES instead of going for the MVS, but am not really against finding a consolized MVS for now either.

Looking forward to return quite often and learn a bit more as I have much to learn about the Neo Geo games that I used to play and find what other ones I would have enjoyed back then.