I hope you guys don't mind me sharing my setup here. Here's what it used to look like. I miss those days.

Here's what it looks like now. I've since gotten a couple more consoles. All the consoles were junk (except the saturn) and are now RGB modded and ready.
The MV1A is something im putting together for my buddy,JP, I know it's one helluva a mess but I promise I'll clean it up before I finish it up with the case and all.
The Kuro is the best deal I've gotten I think. About 100 euro and the picture quality is still enormous. The 20F1E I actually had to get from the folks over in Germany (You guys know which one), was still a pretty good deal despite the 40k hours on it.

Also a more recent addition to the set up. I have absolutely no idea where to put this now. This had no picture but a small tweak fixed it.

I'll see if I can post more of the stuff. Haha. This is definitely not all there is. I'm afraid to post my games now.

Also sorry for the absolute mess. This is the resting area of my office. Still under construction at this moment. Yes I have setup a game area for my employees.