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Thread: Need help switching Sega Bass Fishing Blast City cab to Groovymame setup

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    Need help switching Sega Bass Fishing Blast City cab to Groovymame setup

    I'm in talks with a local seller about picking up a really clean Blast City cab for $250. Before this I was thinking about buying one from Ken @ thegameroom once he gets caught up but this was just to good of a deal to pass up (will probably try and buy the other if I can afford it).

    The problem is that I'll have to get the monitor chassis sent off to get fixed which is fine,for that price I'll deal with it.
    The other problem is that its a Bass Master cab. I've been reading older posts on forums about having to buy a loom to switch from Model 3 to Jamma but these guys were wanting to use the jamma board to play pcb's or use JVS . I don't want to do that with this cab,I only plan to use Groovymame. In fact,I bought a control board and will be wiring either to a Xin-Mo or Jpac (do I need a Jpac?) directly to the PC. I don't have any arcade experience so all of this is confusing to me.

    My question is,if all I want is to hook a PC up to this to use Groovymame and play 15khz what exactly do I need?

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    15khz pci cards are available, however you might want to make sure its not a tri sync. Chad at arcadecup does great monitor work.

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