Hello, after seeing so many awesome threads on members collections it has inspired me to put a little of mine up as well. I wanted to share how I ended up here after many years of being in the dark.

I have the usual story of being amazed by Street Fighter and its clones in the early 90's. I used to think that having a SNES with SFII was the best thing ever. I soon learned, as many others have, that nothing replicates the arcade. I thought the Dreamcast came close, so spent some years amassing all the 2D fighters and Shumps I could find for that. But it also veered me on a curious root of ASCII controllers and sticks of which I need one more.

It has only been recently, following a promotion at work, that I realised my dream of being in the elite! Albeit small with only a handful of common games, I feel right at home now. Being able to stack those giant boxes next to the timid jewel cases of my past feels like an achievement. I look forward to being a stand up member of the Neo Geo community and look forward to making new friends.

capcom and snk collection.jpgdreamcast controller collection.jpg