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Thread: World Heroes Perfect Stage select in VS mode?

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    Not sure how much I can help, I just fired this up on a whim to try this. Here is a screenshot of when you should be doing your 2369+K. Actually from me frame advancing I figured out you can either do 236K9 or 236+(9k on the same frame)


    You know how when he tackles his head goes down, then he starts rising when its done that is when you want to do 2369+C / 23 + 6C(same frame) 9. I think you can do it a little before that rising up partas well, haven't tested much

    Basically I stand as close as possible to the person, then do 236+C. Then you need to do 2369+C a few frames after it connects then keep repeating that.

    Best of luck I may be wrong on these inputs but I took a quick look at it.
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