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Thread: Desoldering station recommendations?

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    I received the extra nozzles today and that's great but...
    Well...Me being me I wrongly plugged the hakko to a 240v power source which killed instantly the power board.
    The 10ohm resistor located nearby the trigger is fried (checked 2.8Mohm). The resistor has a weird coating maybe meant to resist against high temperature.

    Can someone advise which type of resistor (power dissipation) it is?
    Would that be ok to fit the B5013 power board instead?




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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairy Otter View Post
    I looked to buy this bad boy, but it's way out of our budged at $1,475.98 + $12.49 shipping
    I settled for the Xytronic Rework Station LF-8800 for 300.
    I use the PACE station at my job so I can compare the two, but I am happy with the one I bought. The only difference I notice is that the Xytronic is faster at the desired temperature and the suction is much quieter.
    Sorry...I missed that reply....I got my Pace station for 250$ USD, and my friend who sold it to me helped me take apart the pump, and clean all the seals, cause the previous user did not run the visi-filter on it. It was an absolute steal at that price, and I will never, never, never let it go.

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