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Thread: I made a new thing. (new fightstick coming out!)

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    I made a new thing. (new fightstick coming out!)

    EDIT: Here is the Kickstarter Link for those looking for it!

    Just announced on the windy twitter/fb .. We got a fancy fightstick coming.

    Here is Project Fierce.

    Has Neutrik USB (ps4, ps3, xb1, 360, pc, and lolwiiu) and db15 (my supergun and neo geo) on the back. JLF stick, 30mm sanwa action buttons and 24mm up top.

    Top array of buttons is ps4 touch pad controls, L3, R3, Home, Select, Start. Tourney Lockout on the back.

    Enclosure is done local. Everything that can be is not just made in USA, but right here in Chicago.
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