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    So today I picked this up: 20170429_014442_1493455566824.jpeg big thanks to legoslug for that

    This is also what my Aero currently looks like:20170429_014423_1493455566730.jpeg it just needs two 24mm buttons for the cp which I ordered the other day, I also need to put the new side art on and then it'll be finished, beyond that all I'd want to do is get a new header piece, I've been playing my pandoras box 4s on the thing for the last couple days now, the 3 button set up is great for beat em ups

    and heres all my cabinets lined up out in the garage:20170429_014453_1493455566982.jpeg

    The z back was set up with a metal slug x cart in a 1 slot board, the one slot board was fried (I'm probably going to send it to Xian Xi to repair one of these days, he did work on my 4 slot and got it working as if it were brand new) I did my best to make the cabinet look as close to a neo cab as possible, still need side art and a proper 4 slot marquee, but I've been too lazy to get on that, since its a conversion I screwed in a cupholder recently and wired the joystick ports to the outside of the cab using extension cords, a rotozip and some fast drying caulk, the next project for this bad boy will probably be to get the memory card reader mounted and throw in some headphone jacks (I'm using turf masta's memory reader which doesn't have headphone jacks)

    And here's E. Honda atop the Neo conversion, guarding my cabs and the precious tokens inside the urine sample cup (my mom works at kaiser and loves using these things as containers, she grabbed them brand new of course, so no pee has ever touched the inside): 20170429_014500_1493455567100.jpeg
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