So I recently got an aero city in pretty garbage shape, here's a picture of what will henceforth be known as "before"

So yeah, it looks abysmal, but all the wiring is good and the monitor is in great shape, over the last few days I tore down the control panel so I could figure out what it was I was working with, turns out it's all set for a 1 player set up, but I want a 2 player six button set up so I can get my street fighter on, which really just means ordering an adapter and kick harness and running a few more wires up to the control panel casing

I also got rid of the stupid box that was screwed to the kicker and the cabinet to make it standing height, this is a goddamn candy cab, so getting it back to its original height was a must, add to that a shiny new coat of paint and we ended up with this:candy.jpg

Which personally I think is much better than what we started with, I'm currently waiting on some funds to come in so I can purchase some new side and control panel art, and codecrank said he would hook me up with a proper CP, beyond that I need to pick up some new joysticks and buttons and try to figure out how to fix the Aero City light up sign which is cracked, worst case scenario I'm just going to end up removing it and super gluing the 3 pieces back together, that's it for now, I'll update as I make more progress