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Thread: KoF CG Animation announced KoF: Destiny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luciano View Post
    I am talking about the CG and in my eyes it (and KOF XIV) looks really terrible.
    Ouch. Kinda harsh. I think the game looks and feels great.
    Quote Originally Posted by gusmoney View Post
    "[M]ost agggressive gaming sites" has to be one of the strangest statements I have ever heard.

    A bunch of forty-something video-gaming nerds that are only keyboard commandos and mostly sedate pussies any other hour of the day cannot really be all that aggressive, can they? (My self included.)

    I love the lads here, this forum in general, and the mentality but lets not kid ourselves about this being some sort of dark web tough corner of the world.

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    This looks pretty good!
    Can't wait to see Mai

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